SubscribeStandard image start at 2$ per 2 images (1$ per image) Extended image start at 30$ per 2 images (15$ per image)

Why you should choose Exclusive Stock Design?

We garantee that all our images are exclusives to our website.

We offer you the best resolution without supplements.

Quality images.

Our prices are the lowest on the market.

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Price list of credits

Unit credit price (CAN $)


when you buy 1 to 9 credits


when you buy 10 to 74 credits


when you buy 75 to 249 credits


when you buy 250 to 999 credits


when you buy 1000 credits or more

Tool to calculate the price of credits



We offer you the best resolution available for a single credit..

All of our images have a resolution of 4MP and over.

So, no need to break your head to make a choice between several dimensions and several prices.

Standard image

Image with standard license

1 credit = 1 image

Restricted usage with limited copies.

Extended image

15 credits = 1 image

Image with extended license

Not limited, unlimited copies (no direct sale where the product could be used by a third party).

Image can be use on derivative products intended for resale.